Welcome to the LPU Support portal. To find the appropriate contact for your inquiry, please read carefully all the information provided below.

  • For technical support questions about your account or LPU membership please contact:
  • Want a Group created or have a suggestion for one? Please email
  • For support with all Linkin Park Official Store orders, including LPU merchandise purchases, please head to:
  • For support with all Mike Shinoda Official Store orders please head to:
  • For support with all Linkin Park Warner Records album / bundle orders please head to:
  • INFO ON THE HT:20 Super Deluxe Box Sets

    We’ve heard from some European fans who have unfortunately received HT:20 Super Deluxe Box Sets that included mislabeled DVDs & had issues with the laminate & MS lithograph. Please email for further updates on providing replacements for these elements. You may contact the email no matter where the box set was purchased from.
    Your code for the digital download link that is included in the Super Deluxe Box Set has now also been updated with corrected versions of “Hurry” and “Chair” from the LPU Rarities disc.

For all other LPU related inquiries, LPU HQ support is available via email: or snail mail P.O. Box 36915, Los Angeles, California 90036

Frequently Asked Questions

The Linkin Park Underground [LPU] was founded in 2001 as a way for LINKIN PARK to connect directly with the people who support the band, and cultivate a central meeting-place for the LINKIN PARK community.

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Everyone here is an LPU member. We offer two types of Membership Plans and each gives you a different type of access:
  • LPU Community Account: A Free plan with limited access. It gets you access to and all of the primary online community features such as Groups and the ability to post in community feed Topics. This Free plan does not offer LPU Full Access Membership benefits, but members that chose this plan may upgrade anytime here.
  • LPU Full Access Membership*: An annual paid plan [$9.99] with full access. It gets you access to, all of the primary online community features + the LPU Store, LPU Exclusive Music and Videos, invites to LPU Livestream Events, Contests, Giveaways, and more!
*All LPU offerings, promotions, and events are subject to change, availability, and cancellation. LPU reserves the right to refuse benefits at their sole discretion
Existing members with a LPU Community Account may upgrade anytime to an LPU Full Access Membership here.
Members with an LPU Full Access Membership get instant access to new and classic LPU Exclusives:
  • Videos - Watch all member-exclusive videos from the archives (LPU 2 to LPU16).
  • Music - Visually Stream all member-exclusive LPU CDs released over the years with LPU membership bundles.
  • LPU Live Stream Events - A brand new experience with more information to be announced!
  • Contests & Giveaway - Enter various contests and giveaways for a chance to win special items and invites to LPU Events. These will be announced periodically by LPU HQ as they become available.
*All LPU offerings, promotions, and events are subject to change, availability, and cancellation. LPU reserves the right to refuse benefits at their sole discretion.
The LPU Store has a new home. Members with an LPU Full Access Membership can shop exclusive LPU merch on the Official Linkin Park Store. A store password has been sent to eligible members via email to use when purchasing any LPU items in the LPU section on - and you'll also be able to purchase regular LP items within a single order!

- Visit the LPUStore -
Introducing Groups. You can now take the conversation and your connections even deeper with Groups. To kick things off we have created a few Country-based Groups, Fansite Groups, as well as specific Topic Groups for you to join. When you join these Groups either now or in the future, their posts will also show up just to you in your Activity/Community Feed. Learn more about Groups here.
Similarly to the old LP/LPU Forums, Topics are designed to keep the conversation organized and are visible individually or within the Activity/Community Feed. Follow Topics that interest you to keep up with the conversation or opt-out anytime to stop seeing related posts. If your post doesn't have a specific Topic, please use the "Uncategorized" Topic when posting. Visit Topics here.
The Activity/Community Feed is personalized for you. Your home in Linkin Park Underground is your Activity/Community Feed. By default, it will show you the latest activity from us and other members. You can follow and direct message other members as you do on Twitter/Instagram. Look for tags underneath the posts for the indicator to see which Group, LPU Exclusive, or Topic the post belongs to.
Mighty Networks is the platform that powers - Download the Mighty Networks mobile app (iOS or Android). It’s awesome and makes it easy to stay in touch and access Linkin Park Underground on the go with most features you see on the web version. You’ll need to sign in a second time after you download it, but it’s well worth it.

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Yes, please address all snail mail to:
Linkin Park Underground HQ
P.O. Box 36915
Los Angeles, California 90036